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Nick Hubbard

Erin Lorraine Woodward

The face behind The Price of Gold photography is Nick Hubbard, a creative photographer and videographer based in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Nick has been passionate about photography since his early years, and picking up the camera came naturally to him. Recently, Nick has starting working primarily with medium format film, and loves how to process encourages him to slow down.

Growing up in South Dakota, Nick draws on his rural upbringing in his work. He appreciates simplicity, yet uses his work to bring culture and art to the area.

Hubbard graduated from Black Hills State University with a degree in Mass Communications, emphasizing in photography. Hubbard worked at SURF for a year as a multimedia specialist before pursuing freelance full time. 

Nick lives in Rapid City with his wife, Kaylee, their daughter, Emmie, and their pup, Lulu.

The scribe behind the stories is Erin Lorraine Woodward (Broberg), a writer from Spearfish, South Dakota.

After graduating from Black Hills State University, she became a science writer at Sanford Underground Research Facility. There, as she learned about neutrinos and dark matter for science articles, she began to overhear stories about the facility’s rugged past.

“I’m honored to sit and listen as these people recall all that happened in this place. Our conversations quickly move past their work at Homestake to the heartbreak that marred their memories and the joys that kept them showing up every day. I’m humbled to be the one compiling these stories in written form.”

She and her husband David met underground, where David is a physicist with the LUX-ZEPLIN dark matter experiment.

© 2020 Nick Hubbard, Erin Woodward

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