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Nick Hubbard and Erin Broberg are working to record the stories and capture the faces of people who worked for Homestake Mining Company, once the deepest and most profitable gold mine in North America. We’ve been meeting with people in their homes, listening to their stories around their kitchen tables, capturing their portraits in their living rooms and backyards. 

The end goal of this project is a book—much like Brandon Stanton's "Humans of New York: Stories"—that combines texture-rich film photography with nigh-unbelievable true to life stories. We've dubbed it The Price of Gold .

Here's our ask: if you would like to support The Price of Gold on our journey to publication, please do.

Your gifts will support the cost of film, developing chemicals, frames and matts (for our local gallery exhibitions!), recording equipment, as well as supporting us in the hours of planning, interviews, re-listening, writing, transcribing, developing, framing, matting that we dedicate to this creative project. 

Join us as we weave together a mosaic of personal histories, detailing the rugged, joyous, tragic and nostalgic stories of the those who built their lives above and below the city of Lead.

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